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Becoming a Ciao Mambo or MacKenzie River Pizza Company franchisee is a safe and sound investment opportunity, find out more by contacting our team.

The overview of becoming a Ciao Mambo or MacKenzie River Pizza Franchisee

  1. Franchise Candidate makes an inquiry and then receives a packet of information.  Franchise candidate promptly fills out and returns the completed confidential information request forms to CM Brands Corporate offices in Whitefish Montana.
  2. Franchise development representative promptly reviews application and forwards on to committee for initial qualification of candidate.
  3. A telephone appointment is set to discuss the mutual opportunity we present each other regarding the development of new restaurants! Possibility of an FDD being sent for review by candidate.
  4. An on-site visit to our corporate offices in Whitefish Montana, where the franchisee candidate has the opportunity to meet all the CM Brands staff, see the operations in action, and continue the mutual evaluation process.  At that point we get to know each other more and continue conversations about the concept. The FDD is presented if the candidate has not already received prior to the visit.
  5. Franchise review committee makes final approval/denial decision on candidate
  6. If approved, candidate is awarded the franchise.
  7. A franchise agreement is signed and funded.  A login and password is provided to the CM Brands Website.
  8. Sites are selected  by franchisee and then subsequently approved by CM Brands staff
  9. Initial store layout is drafted and approved while a training schedule is developed for franchisee
  10. Training is provided, construction takes place and an opening date is set
  11. Open your new restaurant!