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Are there royalty fees?
Yes. They are within very accepted standards in the industry.  The fees are well accounted for, based on revenue, and are used to maintain the brand in every way.

How long does it take to open a Ciao Mambo™ or MacKenzie River Pizza Company® location?
Depending on the site, location, training requirements, etc., it can be done in a time frame of 6 to 9 months or as fast as 8 weeks.

How important is the real estate site selection process?
The relationship between real estate and the operating unit is critical. An experienced CM Brands™ team member will be available to assist you in moving forward with confidence pertaining to your real estate investment. Site selection is invariably crucial to the success of your franchise and only so much can be done with email, digital photos and phone conversations, therefore, we find it necessary to provide unique hands on support throughout this process.

Is there financing available through CM Brands™?
No, you will need to obtain financing on your own. We stay focused on what we know best, opening and running Ciao Mambo™ and MacKenzie River Pizza Company® locations. When compared side by side to other similar restaurant franchise opportunities, the initial investment for our concepts is more than manageable. Although we do not provide financing, CM Brands has built relationships to ease the process of financing your restaurant.

What is the initial investment?
It varies depending upon a number of factors. Our initial projection is $600,000 to get started and includes the franchise fee and operating cash reserves. However, this number does not include real estate or related expenses having to do with liquor license purchases relating to your State laws, local ordinances, etc.