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Site Selection Assistance – As a franchisee, you will be required to select your own site. However, we are of course, very concerned about the site(s) as well as the close relationship that real estate plays in a establishing a successful Ciao Mambo™ or MacKenzie River Pizza Company™ location.  We will support you with site visits and consultations. 

New Location Opening Procedure – Throughout the process of opening a new restaurant, our staff will be working side by side with franchise partners to ensure that all pre and post-opening procedures are followed. Our team will provide multiple levels of assistance essential in duplicating a successful business launch.

Training – CM Brands™ provides substantial pre-opening training.  Many times, the new franchisee chooses to come to Whitefish, Montana for initial training.  It involves both ownership and management.  We also have extensive post opening training and further education services as it pertains to new developments within the Ciao Mambo™ and MacKenzie River Pizza Company™ Concepts.

Internet Support – The CM Brands™ website offers an existing franchisee support section that provides access to any and all materials needed to run your franchised location(s). These materials include, but are not limited to, PDF files of manuals, prep guides, recipes books, menus, operating updates, etc.  The internet is a great tool used to facilitate dialogue and therefore success amongst our franchisees.

Community Goodwill – Your restaurant(s) should always strive to be recognized as an ethical and generous organization in the community. Active involvement in goodwill activities allows for a symbiotic relationship where both the community and business can benefit. Goodwill events allow Ciao Mambo™ and MacKenzie River Pizza Company™ to introduce and create awareness of our concepts while contributing to a positive restaurant environment with both staff and patrons.

Financial Review – Our methodology of financial follow ups will assist in making sure your results are within desired financial targets.  Our CM Brands™ staff is available for questions, site visits, and guidance for existing operators.  Many times, this review and dialogue can take place via the “existing franchisee” login component of the franchise support section of the web site.

Financial Reporting – We require that each location report certain operating results on a periodic basis.  This is easily done via the “existing franchisee” login component of the franchisee support section of the web site.  All data exchanged is secure and assists in dialogue to ensure success.