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Welcome to CM brands
A Thanks for your interest in CM Brands, the parent company to the Ciao Mambo® and MacKenzie River Pizza Company® Concepts. We are headquartered in one of the best places to be found anywhere, Whitefish, Montana USA. As a fast growing restaurant company with long term goals, our objective is to grow with partners who are after the same things we are, "financially fun food" opportunities.

CM brands different from the rest!

We offer a quality of life approach to the running restaurants, a unique experience for our patrons and an operational and financial model that really works. Many people are gun shy regarding the food business for whatever reason, I'm not. I love it.

If you're interested in talking further about our franchising opportunities, I look forward to speaking with you. Send along an email and let's take it from there. I see no reason why we can't have it all. Quality lives, Quality businesses and Quality partners...